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At the Table with Homa Dashtaki: Dinner & Discourse on the Environment Fri, Jun 16 at 7pm
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Homa Dashtaki, founder of White Moustache Yogurt, is taking inspiration from Norouz, or Persian New Year to reflect on how current policies and attitudes on immigration correspond with our understanding of climate change. The climate has a direct effect on our food supply system, which in turn influences the availability of labor and resources, and immigration patterns. This has been obvious for migratory species, but may now become a reality for many humans across the world. A lot of the desperation to flee war torn places or to seek more resources can have an interesting root in the reality of climate change. It is with this premise that we offer an evening of traditional Iranian dishes, with hard to find herbs and interesting methods of food preservation.

Whey Cocktails

Chips and Moosir

Cauliflower Whey Soup

Salad Shirazi

Iranian Rice
Ghormeh Sabzi

Eggplant and Kashk

Sekanjabin Popsicles
Iranian Tea


Proceeds from this dinner will go to The Solutions Project

Photo courtesy of Alex Lau

Homa Dashtaki
Homa Dashtaki began her yogurt making career as a young child, making Persian-style yogurt in her kitchen with her father, (whose large white moustache is also the inspiration for the business name and logo). Homa moved to California from Iran when she was eight, and continuing the family's food traditions was of utmost importance to her parents. She went to college to study financial law, but soon burned out and started to look for a more fulfilling career. When her uncle passed away, Homa decided she would start making yogurt with her father - part because she thought it could be a viable business, and part because she thought it would help her father get through the difficult time. After a false start in California, a state whose dairy production laws are not very friendly to small producers, Homa moved to New York to re-start the business. Reprinted from Saxelby Cheese.

At the Table: Dinner & Discourse We believe sharing a meal is the best setting to find understanding and optimism at times of uncertainty. To make sense of the current political climate, Haven's Kitchen is hosting At the Table, a series of dinner salons, to respond to current conversations around immigration, borders, and national identity. Guests will sit together to share a meal cooked by a special guest chef and join in conversation about the dinner’s theme topic framed in a historical, social, and cultural context. Each guest chef will be partnering with a non-profit, and the evening’s proceeds will be donated to the organization.

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