Apr 14, 2017
Five Years of #hknyweddings: Theresa + Michael

To celebrate five years of Haven’s Kitchen, we’re taking a look back at one of our favorite types of gatherings that happen in our little carriage house: weddings.

Our first one celebrated the nuptials of Michael and Theresa, and the entire staff was involved in some way. Ali (our owner) did the floral arrangements including the bouquet, Lela (the former events manager) did the playlist, and Julia (our opening chef) wrote and cooked an elegant and casual menu to honor the bride and groom. Guests sipped on a cocktail called “The Couple” and slurped oysters from a deluxe raw bar.

Five years later, Ali wrote to Michael and Theresa to hear their side of the story. They dispatched their answers from upstate New York, where Michael owns the rustic and modern wine shop, Kingston Wine Co., and Theresa works as an artist and at a local non-profit.


MikeTheresa_livingroom_700Michael and Theresa in Haven’s Kitchen Living Room.  


How did you hear about Haven’s Kitchen?
We lived in the neighborhood and I stumbled across it one afternoon, just after we were engaged. When I walked in, I immediately asked if they hosted events.


When did you know you would have your wedding here?
That afternoon! Neither Michael nor I wanted a long engagement. We were actually considering a city hall wedding, but the Haven’s Kitchen townhouse seemed intimate and fresh.


What was the best part of the planning?
The simplicity of it. We are very low-key and were immediately drawn to the entire HK aesthetic, so we completely trusted the team to do their thing.


What was the best part of the actual wedding?
Feeling like we were in our own home. It was a warm September evening, so we opened the windows during the ceremony. Guests mingled upstairs and downstairs, and the flow of the party was truly organic.



Calligraphy for invitations by Nicholas Misani. Vintage stamps from Champion Stamp.


Do you have any advice for couples planning their wedding?
Make wedding choices based on your own style.
I met Ali in the flower district the morning of the wedding and we picked out the freshest flowers for that evening. This is something I would do if I was having friends over to my apartment.
And trust others!
We did not intend on any dancing, yet somehow around 11:00PM, everyone started dancing. I caught Lela’s eye and she went right with it and said, “I’m off the playlist!”


When you think of Haven’s Kitchen, you think… 
one of the best nights of our lives!


Event Management and Food: Haven’s Kitchen 
Dress: Lanvin, bought at Barneys on a lunch break 
Her Shoes: Prada 
Floral Crown: Bride’s creation 
His Suit: Michael Andrews
Decor and Flowers: Haven’s Kitchen 
Photographer: James Nord
Ceremony Music: Ukulele player Josh Cho
Reception Music: iPod playlist created by Haven’s Kitchen 
Wedding Invitations: Bride’s design, hand-stamped 
Calligraphy: Nick Misani

After celebrating five years of #hknyweddings, we decided that there’s so much more we wanted to share about our love for weddings. Follow our new Instagram account @weddingsathavenskitchen.