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Middle Eastern Mezze

Tuesday, February 12 6:30pm (150 min)

Middle Eastern mezze-style dining is a favorite at Haven’s Kitchen. Small plates that feature fresh seasonal ingredients and array of cooking styles make for fun and varied eating. In this class, we’ll compose a meze table that draws inspiration from a range of regions of the former Ottoman Empire and their classic dishes.

Upcoming Classes

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    Mastering the Classics: Tapas

    We enjoy tapas as a convivial meal — shared plates that satisfy different cravings. 

  2. Gnocchi! Tagliatelle! Ravioli! Fresh Winter Pasta
    Gnocchi! Tagliatelle! Ravioli! Fresh Winter Pasta

    You will get the opportunity to learn different techniques such as hand-shaped, rolled and filled pastas as well as sauces and preparations.

  3. Dim Sum Brunch
    Dim Sum Brunch

    New York has adopted dim sum as a weekend morning tradition in lieu of that American brunch.