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Regional Italian: Winter in the Tuscany

Tuesday, February 19 6:30pm (150 min)

In this class, our instructor will transport you to the rolling hills and romantic villas of Tuscany's countryside. Students will learn about the flavors of Tuscany, focusing on classics such as ribolita and papa all a pomodoro and discussing culinary traditions that make the region so special. You'll be seeing cypress trees by night's end.

Upcoming Classes

  1. Mastering the Classics: Moroccan Tagines
    Mastering the Classics: Moroccan Tagines

    Beat the winter blues by learning to make hearty stews and quick breads using traditional Moroccan ingredients and condiments such as preserved lemon, harissa, ras el hanout, and dried fruits and honey. 

  2. Hey, Dumpling!
    Hey, Dumpling!

    Asian-style dumplings are a versatile vehicle for juicy meats and savory vegetables. In this in-depth class, students will learn how to make savory and sweet dumplings. 

  3. Cook the Book: Ottolenghi’s Jerusalem
    Cook the Book: Ottolenghi’s Jerusalem

    This season, we're drawing on Ottolenghi's recipes to showcase summer vegetables with some meat dishes as sides.