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Lessons in Libations: Tiki Drinks - Fri, Jul 13 at 6pm


Tiki culture encompassed all parts of American life following World War II, after U.S. soldiers returned from their tours in the Pacific. From television (think "Gilligan's Island") to novels (i.e. James Michener's Hawaii), ideas of paradise were an important escape during a time of social change. There was no greater anodyne to this feeling than the tropical beverages that accompanied this moment. In this class, our cocktail instructor Libby Winters will teach you how to make classic tiki drinks as well as the fascinating history of these beverages to warm you up for the pending cool of winter.

Tentative Curriculum
Classic Daiquiri
Pina Colada
Corpse Reviver
Tiki Punch

Curriculum is subject to revision.

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