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Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Parsley, Sunflower Oil, Caper Puree (Capers, Water, Vinegar, Salt), Oregano, Lemon Zest, White Wine Vinegar, Sea Salt, Crushed Red Pepper.

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Gluten Free

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Kosher Parve

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Herby Chimichurri

A fresh take on the zesty South American herb sauce, starring parsley and oregano + pops of capers & chili flakes.

  • Gluten-free. Vegan, Non-GMO, Kosher & Keto Certified
  • Great as a marinade or sauce for steak, chicken & roasted veggies

What is Chimichurri?

Hailing from the countrysides of Argentina and Uruguay, this bright, zesty sauce is packed with herbs and traditionally used to add flavor and fun to grilled meat. Our version blends Extra Virgin olive oil with finely chopped parsley & oregano, punches of chili flakes & salty capers, plus a dash of vinegar.


on grilled meat or fish


into your favorite pasta


with tomatoes & mozzarella

Made with real food

Extra Virgin Oilve Oil

Silky olive oil adds richness to our Chimi and makes it perfect for roasting, using as a base for dressing, or simply drizzling over your favorite protein. Plus it’s chock full of Omega-3’s and antioxidants, too!


Rich in vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients, parsley is a magical herb that gives chimichurri a verdant, fresh flavor that pairs well with just about anything.

Chili Flakes

While we wouldn’t describe this sauce as spicy, chili flakes add a floral kick that really balances the fruity olive oil, fresh herbs, and tangy capers.

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